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Social Impact Executive Leadership Talk Series

Our engagements with industry partners are key to the work we do. To learn more about how we work with partners to marry their social impact practice with academic research, watch the series of discussions TCR hosted with key partners.

Public Policy and Practitioner Engagements

Our engagements with policy makers and practitioners are a critical element in bringing about transformative change that can improve consumers’ well-being and lives.

Public Policy and Practitioner Engagements

The Role of Marketing in Gentrifying Neighborhoods

Sonya Grier
February 27, 2018

The Lab@DC Forum
Washington DC.

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Public Policy and Practitioner Engagements

Perspectives on Marketing, Self-Regulation, & Childhood Obesity

Sonya Grier
July 14, 2005

Federal Trade Commisson & The Department of Health and Human Services
Washington, DC

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Public Policy and Practitioner Engagements

Why Do People Make the Financial Decisions They Make?

Vanessa Perry
November 30, 2018

Financial Services Conference, Consumer Federation of America
Washington, DC

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Media Spotlights

Doing research with real world impact is core to what we do. Read about some of our research spotlighted in the public media. 

Media Spotlight

Newsweek · July 7, 2020

Defunding the Police Could Increase Policing if Cuts Are Too Modest | Opinion

David Crockett

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Media Spotlight

Stuff · June 22, 2020

Men who challenge sexual inequality can be guilty of 'mansplaining', research finds

Susannah Stevens, Ekant Veer, Kseniia Zahrai

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Media Spotlight

Q Talks Podcast · June 18, 2020

Race in the Marketplace

Akon Ekpo and Jenna Drenten

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External Grant Recipient Projects

TCR’s research has received significant grants to help extend its contributions to academic knowledge and impact in society at large. Read about some of our grant recipient projects.

Grant Information

Grant Recipient: Dr Eva Kipnis (Project Co-Ordinator) and Dr Ian Brittain (Co-Principal Investigators)

Source: European Union Framework 7 (Marie Curie International Research Staff Exchange Scheme Programme) 2013-2018

Amount: €852,600

Topic: CARNiVAL project examining legacies of mega-events. The research focused upon all three stages of the event process (pre-event, the event itself and post-event) with a range of issues and impacts to be considered at both the micro and macro level. It considered both sporting and non-sporting events using a case study approach.

Grant Information

Grant Recipient: Dr Cornelia Pechmann (Principal Investigator) Dr James Prochaska (Co-Principal Investigator)

Source: National Institutes of Health (March 1, 2016 - March 1, 2021).

Amount: $2,577,181.00

Topic: "Social Media Technology for Treating Tobacco Addiction“. This research project, with its cutting-edge social network approaches and analyses, will examine the potential of the internet, and more specifically social media, to engage health communications for quitting smoking and preventing relapse for addiction treatment and cancer prevention. Further, the design tests the personalized benefits and treatment processes of a women-centered internet cessation intervention.

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Award Winning and High Impact Publications

TCR's research contributes significantly to scholarship and to making an impact on society. Read some of our award winning and high impact publications.

AMA-EBESCO Annual Award for Responsible Research in Marketing Distinguished Winner

A spoonful of choice: How allocation increases satisfaction with tax payments

Cait Lamberton

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AMA-EBESCO Annual Award for Responsible Research in Marketing Distinguished Winner

Dog parks and coffee shops: Faux diversity and consumption in gentrifying neighborhoods

Sonya A. Grier
Vanessa G. Perry

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Ranked top 20 Most Cited Marketing Articles by Shugan

Transformative service research: An agenda for the future

Laurel Anderson
Amy L. Ostrom
Canan Corus
Raymond P. Fisk
Andrew S. Gallan
Mario Giraldo
Martin Mende

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Engage with Us

TCR creates opportunities for engagements between practitioners, funders and researchers, and supports efforts of scholars and practitioners to disseminate and publicize their research and work, and obtain mentoring and advice on grant applications.

While many of these opportunities are freely available, we encourage scholars and practitioners to become a member of the Association of Consumer Research to help continue funding our work and to obtain additional benefits.