Engagements with Practitioners

The TCR Executive Leadership and Social Impact Council has been hosting webinars to connect nonprofit and public policy organizations with TCR researchers. The recordings of the sessions are provided below.

Webinar with Vance of Promise Venture Studio

Vance talked about Promise’s work, in conjunction with Bridgespan Group, to convene early childhood leaders of color and provide a space to build community, use storytelling and freedom dreaming, and make sense of opportunities to co-create solutions collectively.  


Online session. May 4, 2022.


Webinar with Annie Neimand, Director of Research, Center for Public Interest Communications at the University of Florida

Annie talked about partnering with social change organizations, nonprofits, and public policy entities to apply academic insights to their efforts. Annie included lots of resources helpful to TCR researchers who are looking for ways to get their research into the hands, heads, and hearts of the people who can benefit from our research findings. See the mentions and links in the chat..  


Online session. Feb. 16, 2022.


Webinar w/ TCR Researchers and Megan McGee

TCR Researchers discuss the development and results of a series of projects at the intersection of marketing and mental health. Megan McGee, founder and executive director of Milwaukee storytelling collective Ex Fabula, will share her perspective as an industry figure pursing academic relationships.  


Online session. Jan. 25, 2022.


Webinar w/ Sara Jayaraman

Saru’s thought provoking talk focused on One Fair Wage’s work to end all subminimum wages in the U.S. and increase the sustainability of wages in the service sector  


Online session. Oct. 14, 2021.


Webinar w/ Ricardo Oliveira Neves

Ricardo presented ideas from his inspiring new book focused on well-being in the workplace, Sensemaking: Leadership By Purpose  


Online session. Sept. 27, 2021.


Webinar w/ Marjorie Sims

This workshop focused on a two-generational, parents and children together, approach to fighting poverty, and featured Marjorie Sims, Managing Director of Ascend at the Aspen Institute  


Online session. April 14, 2021.


Webinar on vaccine hesitancy w/ Dr. Kristen Feemster

This workshop focused on vaccine hesitancy and misinformation and featured Kristen Feemster (M.D., M.P.H., M.S.H.P.), a board-certified pediatric infectious diseases physician, health services researcher, and public health expert. This workshop was comprehensive and informative.  


Online session. March 9, 2021.


Webinar with the Porch Light program at Mural Arts Philadelphia

Nadia Malik, Director of the Porch Light program, spoke on community-based mental health initiatives.  


The Porch Light program focuses on achieving universal health and wellness among Philadelphians, especially those dealing with mental health issues or trauma.


Online session. February 11, 2021.


Webinar with Ashoka-Brazil

Teresa Liporace, Executive Director of IDEC, spoke on IDEC’s consumer protection work in the Brazil, particularly how IDEC has improved consumer well-being by giving consumers the information and voice to insist on better products and services.  


IDEC (Instituto Brasileiro de Defesa do Consumidor) has a mission to our mission is to guide, raise awareness, defend ethics in the consumer relationship and, above all, fight for the rights of consumers-citizens.


Online session. January 28, 2021.


Webinar with BLOC

Angela Lang, Executive Director of BLOC (Black Leaders Organizing Communities) spoke on improving the quality of life for Black people in Milwaukee, WI by expanding civic engagement and participation. BLOC relies on community-based organizing to create transformative change.  


BLOC (Black Leaders Organizing for Communities) are uniters, working to lift up the Black citizens, leaders, and businesses of our community.


Online session. November 23, 2020.


Webinar with Ashoka

Vipin Thekk, Senior Director at Ashoka, talked about Changemaker Communities. These Communities co-create bold new partnerships with influential institutions in a region to adapt and thrive in a fast-changing world. This initiative works to build communities where everyone realizes their power to impact their world.  


Ashoka builds and cultivates a community of change leaders who see that the world now requires everyone to be a changemaker.


Online session. November 10, 2020.


Webinar with The Mural Arts Institute

Netanel Portier, Director of the Mural Arts Institute, delivered an excellent talk about bring Mural Arts methods and approach to communities across the world.  


The Mural Arts Institute is dedicated to advancing research on and development of socially-engaged public art practices.


Online session. October 21, 2020.


Webinar with the Hunger Relief Federation of Wisconsin and the Hunger Task Force

Natalie Czarkowski of Hunger Relief Federation of Wisconsin and Jonathan Hansen of Hunger Task Force delivered an excellent talk about food access and well-being.  


The Hunger Relief Federation of Wisconsin aims to connect food banking partners throughout the state to engage and expand the FREE | LOCAL | INDEPENDENT model.


The Hunger Task Force believes that every person has a right to adequate food obtained with dignity. We work to prevent hunger and malnutrition by providing food to people in need today and by promoting social policies to achieve a hunger free community tomorrow.


Online session. October 6, 2020.


Broadening the Impact of TCR: Converting Research Insights into Action

Representatives from the TCR Executive Leadership and Social Impact Council, TCR Board and Research Community discuss new initiatives to create societal impact.  Download slides


Plenary session. Virtual AMA Marketing and Public Policy Conference. May 29, 2020.


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