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Transformative Consumer Research 

Mission: Transformative Consumer Research is a movement that seeks to encourage, support, and disseminate research that contributes to the well-being of consumers, environments, and societies across the world. 


Vision: Transformative Consumer Research includes a diversity of well-being topics, both problems and opportunities, as well as multiple perspectives, interdisciplinary approaches, and methodologies found in the consumer behavior field, the social sciences (e.g., psychology, sociology, anthropology), governmental and corporate policies, service industries, marketing strategy, and other domains that can positively impact well-being. 


There are six defining qualities and commitments of Transformative Consumer Research.

Adapted from Mick, David Glen, Simone Pettigrew, Cornelia Pechmann, and Julie L. Ozanne (2012), “Origins, Qualities, and Envisionments of Transformative Consumer Research,” in Transformative Consumer Research for Personal and Collective Well-Being, ed. David Glen Mick, Simone Pettigrew, Cornelia Pechmann, and Julie L. Ozanne, New York: Routledge, 3-24.


TCR Advisory Committee

The Association for Consumer Research has established an Advisory Committee on Transformative Consumer Research that reports to the Association’s Board of Directors. The purpose of the Advisory Committee is to consider, plan, and implement a variety of strategies and programs that will encourage, support, and publicize Transformative Consumer Research.




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TCR Subcommittees

TCR has subcommittees to support specific actions. These include:

  1. The Executive Leadership and Social Impact Council, which seeks to foster collaborations with industry partners, moving TCR research from insights to action to impact
  2. The External Funding Subcommittee, which provides tools to help TCR community members secure external funding
  3. The Digital Outreach Subcommittee, which disseminates and promotes TCR work and impact within and beyond academia

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Engage with Us

TCR creates opportunities for engagements between practitioners, funders and researchers, and supports efforts of scholars and practitioners to disseminate and publicize their research and work, and obtain mentoring and advice on grant applications.

While many of these opportunities are freely available, we encourage scholars and practitioners to become a member of the Association of Consumer Research to help continue funding our work and to obtain additional benefits.