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Welcome to May’s Transformative Topics. In honor Mental Health Awareness Month, we feature work that aims to increase awareness about the vital role mental health plays in our overall well-being and the opportunity for marketing researchers to contribute to consumer mental health. To do that, we would like to draw your attention to a special issue of the Journal of Consumer Marketing that was published in August 2022. The papers in the special issue should provide inspiration for the broad range of topics that fall under mental health, from depression to neurodiversity. In particular, we would like to draw your attention to two articles in the special issue.


The first is the guest editorial by Ann Mirabito, Natalie Ross Adkins, Elizabeth Crosby, Justine Farrell, and Jane Machin. This provides a call for research from marketing academics on mental health, explaining why it is important and offering suggestions for how marketing researchers can add value.

Citation: Mirabito, A., Adkins, N.R., Crosby, E., Farrell, J. and Machin, J. (2022), "Guest editorial: Mental health and the marketplace: a research agenda", Journal of Consumer Marketing, Vol. 39 No. 6, pp. 565-568.


The second is a Q&A from marketing researchers with expertise working with vulnerable populations. Most of us don’t get any training on mental health in our PhD programs and as such, doing research with the mentally ill might be a little scary. The Q&A provides a great starting point to help you embark on research of this type.

Citation: Machin, J.E., Brister, T., Bossarte, R.M., Drenten, J., Hill, R.P., Holland, D.L., Martik, M., Mulder, M., Martik, M., Viswanathan, M., Yeh, M.A., Mirabito, A.M., Rapp Farrell, J., Crosby, E. and Ross Adkins, N. (2022), "Conversations about conducting marketing research in mental health", Journal of Consumer Marketing, Vol. 39 No. 6, pp. 569-578.


Finally, if you want to help spread awareness about mental health, you may find this toolkit from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) useful!


As always, don’t forget to stop by the TCR Publication Repository to find more great articles on mental health in the marketing domain.


Written on behalf of your TCR Digital Outreach Team:

Laurel Steinfield, PhD -

Roland Gau, PhD -

Shauna Kearney, PhD -

Naz Onel, PhD -

Jane Machin, PhD -

Daniela Alcoforado, PhD

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