Helping Mother Earth: young children's responses to sustainability labels on food packaging

Children are an essential group in the path toward sustainable diets. This study (N = 240) therefore experimentally investigates childrenʻs (8 to 12 years) brand attitude and purchase request intent after exposure to a verbal sustainability label combined with a visual cue on food packaging. Results indicate that childrenʻs environmental concern is an important moderator of the efficacy of such sustainability labels. For children low in environmental concern, it is beneficial to add a visual cue to a verbal label, as it positively affects packaging evaluation, and consequently, brand attitude and purchase request intention. This visual cue diminishes the efficacy of a verbal label, however, when children are high in environmental concern. Findings can assist food manufacturers, marketers and policy makers to more effectively stimulate children to adopt sustainable diets.


product packaging  environmental concern  sustainability label  sustainability  food marketing  children 


Marloes de Brabandere, Dieneke Van de Sompel, and Liselot Hudders (2022). Helping Mother Earth: young children's responses to sustainability labels on food packaging. Journal of Marketing Management, 38(9-10), Pages 938-966.



Marloes de Brabandere
Dieneke Van de Sompel
Liselot Hudders

Journal of Marketing Management | 2022

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